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Relocating to Saskatchewan?

Here at settleeasySk we help with all your basic settlement needs. From Airport pickup to accommodation assistance, Resume and Job search assistance , we strive to ensure your move to Saskatchewan is easy, comfortable and worry free.



We offer a variety of packages, click below to see a full list of our packages.


When I decided to move to Regina, Sk in 2014, after my post graduate studies, Doyin was of immerse help with helping me secure a comfortable apartment and putting me through ensuring my resume and cover letter were up to the Canadian standard. She introduced me to an amazing group of Nigerians who have become family and also helped introduce me to a local church. Considering that Doyin has been a Saskatchewan resident for many years, I highly recommend her as your ideal person to contact if you are considering settling in Saskatchewan. Not only will she assist with accommodation, but her company only provides various other services and I can guarantee she will make it her responsibility to ensure you secure profitable employment and integrate into the Canadian culture hassle free. What are you waiting for? Book that consult today!

Uzo E.

I moved to Regina, Sk in February, 2017 in the dead of winter and honestly that was very eventful. I was able to secure my first gig 3months after landing, and since then I have gotten 2 other opportunities that have provided me good enough work experience to be a top candidate for my desired role .  I’m glad Doyin helped with my job application as she put me on my toes and helped me convert my cv to the Canadian resume format. She was also very helpful with assisting me with other important settlement needs (Opening a bank account, Obtaining my SIN, Obtaining my Health-card , etc) which are vital in getting started in Saskatchewan. I will highly recommend Settleeasysk to anyone looking to settle in Saskatchewan.

Olujimi E.

Settleeasysk is a great company to deal with. I arrived in Canada on the 1st of Jan 2015 (in the dead of winter) and I needed a looooot of help moving around and getting myself settled especially because the cold for Regina na die and I didn’t want to be jumping bus to get all the important stuff done. So, I contacted Settleeasysk a week before I arrived and Doyin was great and made the whole process smooth from picking me up from the airport to going shopping to get my first winter jacket! Doyin provided me with a check list of all the things I needed to do, made appointments where necessary and drove me all around town. She made sure all the boxes were ticked off my list and finally settled me into my first apartment in Regina. She is wonderful to work with and pays crazy attention to details. Settleeasysk has top notch services and they follow through to make moving and living in Saskatchewan a wonderful first time experience for you!

Sumbo M.

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